Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I ran to Kohl's to return a pair of boots that I ordered but didn't like the color and did a little shopping since I was there.  I found a picture to finally complete my wall I had been waiting to do.
Love how it turned out!!
I worked at the restaurant and then came home and crashed because I didn't sleep very much the night before.  I'm so tired of not being able to sleep at night.  I am so ready to start working days....October 28th will be here soon!!  My friend was having a birthday get together for her husband but I didn't make it because I slept till almost 8pm!
"On Wednesday, we wear pink"

I slept in then ran to the mall to check out some fall clothes and still trying to find some new tall boots...I am having no luck at all right now! 
Since it was National Coffee Day, I stopped and got this little treat to enjoy while I did a little shopping.  I found a few cute tops and some skinnies....all I need now are the boots I can't seem to find!  I have an idea in my head and Maurice's has a pair that will work if I don't find anything better.
When I got home I decided to make a new recipe for dinner.  It's called chili tortellini and I got it from pinterest of course.
Chili Tortellini... nice change up for this winter.
Her picture...not mine
It was yummy!!!

Weekend Wrap-Up {Sept 20-22}

I worked at the restaurant all day then hung out at Niki's that night.

I worked at the restaurant all day then did a little shopping afterwards. 

It was a laundry and cleaning kind of day!

Weekend Wrap-Up {Sept 13-15}

I went to Niki's that afternoon and we started getting ready for the Little Black Dress party.
Niki & I 
Crissy & I 
Our whole group 
Several of us from work met up for a group pic!

Don't mind that huge arm in the picture....the wine says "Sassy B!+ch"
Niki says my head look so much bigger than hers because of how big my hair was!!
I finally took a picture of us wearing our Kate Spade BFF bangles!
It was over at 11, then I decided to drive to Indiana tonight instead of coming over in the morning.  I got there at about 1:15 and the park night shift guy wasn't too happy with me!!  HA!!  I was so glad I came over then and didn't wait until the morning.  We talked for a little bit then went on to bed.
We woke up around 7:30 and Grandma was heading out of the RV because she thought we were sleeping.  When she realized we were up she asked us if we wanted her to make some coffee.  Of course, we said yes!!  We all sat in the RV together drinking coffee and talking.  After about 3 pots of coffee, we were finally ready to make some breakfast.  We ate then took a walk around the campground.  Lindsay and I decided to run a little bit down to the lake and back. 
Lindsay, Aunt Carol, Michelle & Hannah or as I so affectionately named her, Hanni! 
Grandma & Aunt Mary playing bags, she always put her hand on her hip! 
Grandma holding up her gift she got from the White Elephant exchange 
Lindsay on her ab machine she got in the gift exchange!! 
The 1st annual Koester Girls Camping weekend!! 
I put my hair extensions in Aunt Mary's short hair and we were all dying laughing!!
We got up and spent the morning in Aunt Lori's camper drinking coffee and talking.  We hung out for a little bit and ate some lunch then it was time to pack up and all head home.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up {September 6-8}

I worked last night so I came home and slept for a little bit then got up and went to get a spray tan. I went to Niki's to hang out with them and eat dinner.  We finished up suckers and other things for Ryker's birthday party on Sunday.

I got up early and started getting ready for Anne's wedding. 
Mom & I before the ceremony 
Lindsay, Groomsman, Tonya 
It was so hot in the barn, even with the air conditioning fans!! We were hot messes!!
Danielle, Becca & I
(horrible angle) 
Linds & Tonya 
Murray State Alum
with some husbands and babies! 
The bride and her adorable little boy!!
(I messed up my camera and all my pictures from here on out were blurry)
We had such a good time but the heat got to us and we were all beat by 11 and headed back to the hotel.  We hung out at the hotel and then all headed off to bed. 
We got up and got ready ready to head home.  I went straight to Ryker's birthday party. 
Ryker & Koko 
Niki & Ryker
(I had so many other picture but I can't get them to load and it's annoying me so I stopped trying)

New Car

So, today I said goodbye to my mustang and said hello to my new pretty SUV!!!

I loved it the minute I saw it!!  It's a Chevy Captiva!!  They're mostly sold overseas so I wasn't sure I was going to find one here.  I looked online for new ones and there weren't any I could find close to me.  I think it was fate that I found it!!  Haha!!  And the color, it's Crystal Red!!  See, fate!  It's loaded, remote start, leather, heated seats, moon roof, blue's everything I wanted!!!

Weekend Wrap-Up {August 30-Sept 1}

Hair day!!!  I met Niki for lunch at Bennie's then went to have my hair done.  I ran a few errands after that then went home.  I met my friends Lacee and Andrea at a bar that night for a little bit.

I worked at the restaurant all day then came home and lounged a bit.  Then I met Niki and her family at BWW for dinner.  I had gone by a car dealership before dinner and found a new car that I loved!!!

I woke up this morning all sweaty and realized my air conditioning had gone out through the night.  I called Niki and packed up some stuff and went to her house.  We hung out there all day and ate dinner with her parents.  We had 2 different kinds of cake and everything!!  It was so yummy!!

Labor Day!!  Niki's mom had birthday dinner for her brother and it was so good!  I stayed at there house again that night because my a/c was still broken!

Weekend Wrap-Up {August 23-25}

I worked all day at the restaurant then came home and cleaned up my house.  Lindsay was coming over early in the morning.

Lindsay got here around 8 this morning, of course, I was still in bed even though I knew she was coming!  We got ready and went to my spin class at the gym.  It kicked our a** but we loved it and the instructor was nice to look at, it made an early morning class so much better!!  We came home and got ready for Anne's bachelorette party!!!

Lindsay & I

Lindsay & Anne 
Jill, Jenna, Justine, Amanda, Anne, Lindsay, Alexis, Alicia 
Lindsay & I  
Our Group
Lindsay, Jill, Jenna, Laura, Me, Anne, ??, Amanda, Alexis, ??, Alicia & Justine 
Me and the Bride 
Oh we had so much fun and that girl became my new best friend!!!  Love her!! 
See, new best friend!!!
This day doesn't even need to be talked about.....I'm not as young as I used to be!!